Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Told You So, That British and American "special forces" Were Creating "Terrorist Acts" and Blaming Iraqis

For the past several months, I have been saying and writing that Americans and British are disguised as Iraqis and doing these "terrorist" attacks and trying to stir up civil war in Iraq. Now, the proof that backs up my assertions is here; the British "speical ops" were caught, disguised as Iraqis, as part of the Mehdi Army no less, and set to do more mischief. So there you have it.

This is just another nefarious deed to add to the lies of Bush and Blair--another inhumane and terrorist act on their part to send their men in to do these deeds in order to set Iraq afire with civil war. Add to this that Ahmed Chalabi is still being supported by America and its minions in Iraq, and you have even more evil afoot.

Remember also that the American governing authority makes all contracts in Iraq, has already made many binding contracts that will reward American companies, and give little to the Iraqi citizenry. In the meantime, the American ambassador to Iraq is now making sounds of attacking Syria! What further madness is this.

So remember, when you hear that Iraqis are killing Iraqis--as I've said for a long time, Don't you believe it. The proof is now here, just as the proof of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib is here--now, what will we, and what will the world do to stop these evil twins, Bush and Blair.


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