Saturday, October 01, 2005

Army misses recruit target

Nationwide, statistics show U.S. Army recruiting is down a record 7,000 from the goal of 80,000 new soldiers for the fiscal year that ended Friday, according to The Associated Press.

Local recruiters refused to release their statistics but conceded they did not hit their objectives.

"We are down on our goals in the fiscal year," said Deborah Cannon, spokeswoman for the Army's recruiting in an area covering much of Colorado and parts of Wyoming and Montana.

Local recruiters blamed any recruiting difficulties on parents who do not want their children to go to war.

"The challenges we have are not with the youth wanting to serve their country, it's the concerns of the parents," said Lt. Col. Jeffrey Brodeur, commander of the Denver Army Recruiting Battalion.

But young people have their own opinions about joining the military.

"I don't believe in war," said Chris Ankele, a 17-year-old East High School graduate. "I have too much to live for."


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