Sunday, October 16, 2005


n an one hour documentary on Aussie SBS-channel - called "Inside Indonesia's War on Terror" - from Oct. 12, the former - nearly blind Indonesian Prezi, Abdurrahman Wahid - allegedly disclosed that the Indonesian police or military were/are behind the Bali bombings.

On the SBS-site (see link above) the story is not accessable right now. It reads - "This transcript is currently unavailable".

We do have a statement from RENSE.COM which says:

...Also in this program, Indonesian journalists and researchers state, unequivocally, that 'Moslem terrorists organizations' DO NOT EXIST as portrayed by the government - that they are created and coordinated to act by military-connected provocateurs.

They further claim that the Indonesian military is totally corrupt and that Generals and politicians are pocketing vast hordes of money they receive to 'fight terrorism' - 'terrorism' which, in fact, they are creating themselves.

After you view this documentary you will never see the world the same. The fake, contrived 'war against terrorism' in Indonesia has beed exposed, completely. Imagine how many other governments around the world are also invovled in fraudulent 'wars against terror' which provide their top political and military 'leadership' with billions to siphon off for personal gain. ...

Looking on the website of Abdurrahman Wahid you find this telling words:

“It is the Indonesian people who are being cheated and not the government,” he said.

However when pressed by reporters on who was responsible for the cowardly action, Gus Dur refused to answer.

“I don’t want to comment on that,” he said.

Quite telling, but not what I did expect....

Any Aussie readers to comment?


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