Monday, October 10, 2005

Blair Accuses Iran of Aiding Iraqi Insurgents

Blair Accuses Iran of Aiding Iraqi Insurgents
Iraqi and Iranian officials, Hezbollah reject claim that Revolutionary Guard supplied explosives

An unnamed, high-ranking British official accused Iran's Revolutionary Guard of supplying explosives to the Iraqi insurgents last week.

Tony Blair repeated the accusation in a more diplomatic tone Oct. 6. He said "there have been new explosive devices used — not just against British troops but elsewhere in Iraq."

"The particular nature of those devices — roadside bombs — lead us either to Iranian elements or to Hezbollah ... however, we can't be sure of this," the prime minister added.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza-Asefi said: "This is a lie. The British are the cause of instability and crisis in Iraq." He went on to say that Iran had no reason to interfere, adding "a stable Iraq is in our interests."

The majority of the Iraqi citizens are Shia Muslims, like Iran, including its government in Tehran. A democratically elected Iraqi government could likely be Shia dominated, possibly resulting in close diplomatic ties between Iraq and Iran.

Iraq's Prime Minister Ibrah al-Jafaari on Oct. 6 rejected the accusations that Shi'ite Muslim Iran was interfering in Iraq's internal affairs.

Tehran-backed Hezbollah have also issued a statement denouncing Tony Blair's claims as "lies" and "excuses to justify the inability of the occupation to confront the rise of resistance inside Iraq."


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