Sunday, October 09, 2005

CNN Continues the 9/11 Cover Up!

For those of you who still believe the laughable official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11, as told to you by the Bush/PNAC (“new Pearl Harbor”) administration and the American news media… carries several 9/11 documentaries that explore, in detail, the visual evidence of the events of 9/11 as recorded by our corporate media. Several of these documentaries question the very obvious visual anomalies that pose serious questions about exactly what kind of planes hit the WTC and what in the world hit the Pentagon? (Regarding the Pentagon, never in the history of aviation has a plane vaporized as a result of a crash, bomb, fire or anything else, until the events at the Pentagon, so we are told). They also explore the visual evidence that exposed the very likely probability that the WTC buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition.

Like many things we never notice even though we see them every day, such as the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo (look for it), once things are pointed out they become obvious upon subsequent observation. Once you are made aware of the anomalies in the video evidence, you will never look at the buildings’ collapses the same way again. Nor will you view the events at the Pentagon as they were told to you by our media.

The filmmakers have been accused of doctoring the video evidence, yet the filmmakers tell the public where to access copies of much of the original footage. As a result, people can see the evidence for themselves as it was originally reported by our corporate media who did not realize what they were exposing at the time! A CNN DVD called “America Remembers” was a main source of original footage for these documentaries. In at least one of the documentaries (In Plane Site) the director holds up a copy of this DVD and suggests that you acquire a copy and see the footage for yourself. This seems pretty open, honest and fair to me, because the filmmaker is not asking you to trust him; he is asking you to investigate his claims.

So, guess what happened? CNN suddenly and inexplicably discontinued the production of their DVD documentary. Why would they do this? Why would they discontinue the production of a documentary about the most important event of our lifetime? (You may still be able to get a copy because some are still at retailers.)

I’ll tell you what I think. I think that the destruction of evidence is continuing at every source. The White House destroyed the bulk of the 9/11 evidence by getting rid of all the residue and other materials from the Towers and the Pentagon. When, if ever, was crime scene evidence destroyed as quickly as possible, before it could be closely examined? The government confiscated a number of videos of the Pentagon explosion and has kept them hidden ever since the event. George Bush actually got on TV at one point and asked the media to stop airing footage of the events of 9/11 because America needed to heal. I am convinced that this is all a part of a calcualted policy of evidence elimination. They are erasing history. They are eliminating the evidence that seems to completely debunk the official story of 9/11.

The fact that CNN discontinued their DVD speaks volumes. The 9/11 research community knows very well that CNN’s DVD was a verification of much of their findings, and now that, too, has been eliminated.

We’re in big trouble people. Some very dangerous people are in charge and they control our media. The American corporate media are our enemy; it’s time we accept this as fact. Think about it!


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