Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fake al-Qaeda Letters and the Kayfabe of Islamic Terrorism

“Al Qaeda’s wing in Iraq on Thursday rejected as a fabrication a letter by a top group leader that was issued by U.S. officials and suggested deep internal rifts among militants,” reports Reuters. “We in Al Qaeda Organization announce that there is no truth to these claims, which are only based on the imagination of the politicians of the Black (White) House and their slaves,” a statement posted on yet another Islamist web site complained.

It makes you wonder how many fake al-Qaeda groups there are and what intelligence organizations are fronting them. Fake al-Qaeda group “X” has a problem with something fake al-Qaeda group “Z” has posted on yet another unmolested Islamist web site hosted by somebody who wants the FBI knocking on their door—except the FBI never investigates hosting services that host al-Qaeda websites or content, probably because they are too busy gearing up to bust people for porno (it is said Attorney General Alberto “torture and rape” Gonzales has made cracking down on pornography a “top priority,” probably because it is easier to find perverts than jihadists in America).

Anyway, as “terrorism experts” reveal, the so-called letter between Ayman al-Zawahri (the Muslim Brotherhood-CIA asset) and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the near-retard killed a couple years ago in northern Iraq, is “probably” fake because it “has Zawahri admitting to certain things that it’s not realistic for him to admit, because he would know there’s a potential this letter might be intercepted,” in other words al-Zawahri, like al-Zarqawi, is none too smart, even though he is supposedly Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man, even though Osama is dead.

If the various intelligence operations running al-Qaeda outfits were smart—we know of the American outfit, the Israeli outfit, the British outfit, the Saudi outfit, the Pakistani outfit, and the Indonesian outfit—they’d get together and compare notes before releasing letters riddled with obvious mistakes and videos where Osama does not look like Osama (unless he had a nose job and spent a few months packing on the pounds out in the Afghan wilderness).

Of course, since the average American does not pay attention—too busy watching the Donald on “The Apprentice” and Bush supporter Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football—it does not really matter if Osama no longer resembles Osama or he somehow miraculously cured his secondary osteoporosis (related to his diabetes and kidney trouble). Of course, since we Americans are largely dim-witted due to the fact we stare mesmerized at the idiot-box too much, the “evidence” (lies and obvious fabrications) used by conniving neocons to sell their snake oil (invidious Muslims “hate our freedoms,” etc.) does not really need to be any more convincing than “professional” wrestling, although plenty of Americans believe professional wrestling is real, something other than a crude form of performance art.

Cheney and the neocons—and Bush on his more lucid days—are akin to professional wrestling promoters and performers who claim with straight faces their play acting competition is the real deal. In fact, professional wrestling is a great analogy for the neocon terrorism scam because the neocons, like professional wrestling insiders, stick to their kayfabe (pig-Latin term for fake) scripts, insisting on the existence of exaggerated or fake personas, such as al-Zarqawi and a host of other cartoonish characters.

Of course, in the world of professional wresting, kayfabians rarely if ever kill anybody, whereas the neocon kayfabians have killed more than a hundred thousand and the long term neocon kayfabians are responsible for killing more than a million people during the first Iraqi invasion and the subsequent medieval sanctions imposed against the Iraqis, punishment designed to murder children and sickly women and grandmothers.

The “letter” between al-Zawahri and al-Zarqawi is another neocon kayfabian scam, yet another situation where the division between reality and fantasy is blurred. If not for its horror and death toll, the war aimed at Islam would be a comic absurdity. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing funny about shock and awe, bombing hospitals and civilian infrastructure, or polluting soil and water with tons of depleted uranium that has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, or about the age of the earth.


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