Sunday, October 02, 2005

Galloway Blasts Israel

The controversial leader of the Respect Party George Galloway this week provoked a fresh wave of condemnation after he launched a stinging attack on Zionism and Israel during a radio interview in America.

The MP, who this year won the Bethnal Green and Bow Parliamentary seat in a bitter contest with Labour’s Oona King, was denounced by community leaders and political peers for his comments which suggested Zionists had effectively engineered anti-semitism.

During the show, broadcast on stations across the US and online Galloway declared that, “Israel and dirty tricks have a long history,” denouncing it as a “little settler state on the Mediterranean” whose purpose was to “act as an advanced guard in the Arab world.”

Responding to interviewer Alex Jones’ claims that Zionists funded Hitler because “they said he’s going be good, he’s going to persecute Jews and he likes our plan of Palestine”, Galloway stated, “This is the thing about Zionism. It has nothing to do with Jewishness. Some of the biggest Zionists in the world are not Jews…. These people have used Jewish people.”

He added: “They created the conditions in the Arab countries and in some European countries to stampede Jewish people out of the countries that they had been living in for many hundreds of years and stampede them into the Zionist state.”


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