Sunday, October 23, 2005


A strong and very credible rumor that has been circulating in higher level U.S. military and intelligence circles for about eight months (we have had six emails on this today alone) explains this black-out and strict military control of all commercial internet channels coupled with the introduction of a military-controlled central system, thusly: The US military, with the approval, and in fact the encouragement, of the White House, is planning a major military adventure in January of 2006 and the most stringent measures are now being implemented to prevent anyone in the military or civilian area dealing with the military, from leaking this. These actions, like so many others of the Pentagon, border on the moronic because if an entity as insignificant as TBR News has heard of it, it certainly cannot be a genuine secret. Syria is the first suggested target, (no, we do not rely on bloggers for this because they are now too busy with sinister weather control matters and extolling herbal Viagra), followed by Iran. The latter is considered too tough a nut to crack at this point because of its large and well-armed population, coupled with their advanced weaponry and, more important, their strong connections with neighboring Russia.. Putin, and other leaders of that area, have grown increasingly upset with the mindless meddlings of the obsessed Bush administration' s far right Likudists (who, as Jews, hate all Muslim countries ). Syria on the other hand, is only supported by a distant France and is considered weak enough to "take out" in a short time. Invading and conquering Syria also is warmly applauded by Israel who, at one stroke and at no cost to herself, rids herself of a major enemyon her borders, and also opens up a secure, U.S.- occupied territory to allow for the construction of an oil pipeline from Kurd-held and oil rich northern Iraq, through Syria to an Israeli port. At this point in time, Syria is enraging senior U.S. military commanders because of cross-border commando raids launched from that country by the Iraqi resistance against American occupation forces. Look for growing propaganda stories about this specific issue. There was an identical propaganda press campaign about "freedom for the Ukraine" that appeared before the CIA-engineered coup against a pro-Russian government in that country. This is considered by the Clever Ones, as preparing the American Public for yet another Bush-sponsored blood bath.


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