Saturday, October 29, 2005

Vigilant Warrior: Will Mobile 'drill' go live?

Another month, another nuclear drill. Will it go live?

Contact the Mobile Register and ask if they're aware the feds might nuke Mobile for a pretext to nuke North Korea: (251) 219-5634 or (251) 219-5612.

From October 21: "Next month, Alabama gets the bomb. Well, Alabama gets bombed.

It's North Korea who's next. They get nuked.

It’s all part of a classified military exercise slated to begin November 1, an exercise that, with the inclusion of North Korea and a terrorist attack in the United States, suggests up-to-the-minute relevance. In truth, though, the exercise replays the same tired Cold War global nuclear war game that has been the bread and butter of the U.S. military for decades.

The dastardly country of Purple, or maybe it's a terrorist organization aligned with Purple -- the script doesn't say for sure -- detonates a radiological dispersal device (or "dirty" nuclear bomb) onboard a merchant ship located on the Mobile waterfront. The President is in Mobile, leading a summit of world leaders addressing a tense escalation of global tensions.

The Alabama nuclear "event" kicks off the scenario for Vigilant Shield, a U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) exercise that is one in a series of national military exercises scheduled for the first ten days of November. The nuclear warfare component of these exercises -- called Global Lightning, and sponsored by U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) in Omaha -- runs at the same time and will rehearse a nuclear war with North Korea.

In the exercise, Purple is a Northeast Asian nation thinly veiled as North Korea.


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