Friday, November 18, 2005

Bob Woodward Collaborated With the Bush Team to Lie to America

In a disappointing development, Bob Woodward, who had been seen as an honest, crusading journalist, now tells that he has been playing it cozy with the Bush team for a couple of years--that he had talked with a senior Bush administration official who "outed" Mrs. Wilson/Valerie Plame, to him a few years back but that he'd not even told his senior editor at the Washington Post, Mr. Downie, nor anyone else until he was subpoened in the "leak case" recently.

Thus, it shows that not only was Judith Miller of the NY Times involved in the lies, but also Bob Woodward--this pretty much destroys any faith anyone could have in the American major press. It has been up to us in the alternative media to tell the truth about the Bush administration, now it is apparent that we have few allies in the major media, save Helen Thomas.
There is little of the "4th estate" left--they are all part of the same right wing group, like Fox and its ilk. What's ironic about all this is that Bob Woodward has been hiding this information for years on all kinds of talk shows, in the major media outlets for which he writes and Judith Miller is trying to portray herself as a heroine of the media, standing up for freedom of speech and confidentiality while she herself lied to the American public on behalf of her friends in the Bush administration (especially her friend, "Scooter" Libby).

So now, Bob, what I suggest you do is to resign from the Washington Post, that you spend some time in jail, and that you give up trying to act like an innocent who had a "lapse."
Come now Bob, you were lying to Downie and you knew it, and you've been lying to the American public as well. It's time for you to go into selling used cars.

Dr.Sam Hamod, editor,


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