Monday, November 07, 2005

Wayne Madsen: Neo-con/fascist provocateurs behind French riots?

November 6, 2005 -- Neo-con/fascist provocateurs behind French riots? As is the case with other European countries where fascist and Islamist fundamentalist forces have joined forces, there is increasing evidence that the riots that have swept France for a week and a half have been far more than spontaneous reactions to the electrocution at a Paris electrical sub-station of two Muslim teens who were escaping police. With an ailing President Jacques Chirac stepping down in 2007, the battle lines have been drawn between two conservative presidential candidates -- Interior Minister Nicolas Sarzoky (nicknamed "Sarko"), a confirmed neo-con in the tradition of fellow travelers in Italy, Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Israel, and Spain, and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. Sarkozy has inflamed Muslims and other minorities in France by describing ghetto youths in broad pejorative terms such as "riff-raff" and "scum." While Sarkozy has inflamed the situation with his anti-immigrant rhetoric, de Villepin has sought to mollify the situation by not wanting to overreact and create more turmoil.

However, with rioting spreading beyond Paris to the north and south of the country and extending beyond young Muslims to unemployed African, Afro-Caribbean, and white young people, the situation is being used by Sarkozy to blame "Jihadist conspiracists" for coordinating the rioting. Sarkozy has strong links to the Likud Party in Israel and the neo-cons in the Bush administration and the Blair government in London. The neo-con media conglomerates such as Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and the Hollinger Group are blaming the violence on France's relative tolerance of its large Muslim population. The neo-con media is also playing up reports that French rioters are proclaiming that they are turning Paris into "Baghdad." The always reprehensible neo-con racist Mark Steyn, who pens his vile hate-filled garbage for the Chicago Sun Times and other neo-con rags, writes that the rioting youths are not really French but Arabs taking advantage of Jacques Chirac's "weakness" on Iraq. Funny, but this editor never met too many Arabs from Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Basse-Terre, Abidjan, Antananarivo, Porto Novo, or Brazzaville. Too bad about the neo-cons, geography and history don't seem to be their strong points. Racist talking points, on the other hand, are their stock in trade.

November 7, 2005 -- As predicted in yesterday's WMR, youth rioting has now spread across the French border for the first time. Cars were set ablaze at the main Gare du Midi train station in Brussels and in a working class district of Berlin. And, the French rioting has resulted in the first fatality -- a man was beaten to death by rioters north of Paris as he was trying to put out a trash can blaze.

Also for the first time, churches were the targets for arsonists in Lens and Sete in France. A McDonald's was burned to the ground in Corbeil-Essonnes, south of Paris.

Update: Rioting has spread to two more French cities: Mulhouse and Colmar. Because the coordinated planning and incremental increase in violence in France has all the markings of a major neo-con provocation, in the same manner that Italian fascists conducted terrorist bombings in Italy in the 1970s and 80s with U.S. support, there are fears that other cities in Europe that are governed by leftists will also soon experience rioting prompted by neo-con agents provocateurs who may be paying drug dealers, unemployed teens, and gang members to carry out attacks. Particularly tense are Rome, led by leftist Mayor Walter Veltroni; London, which is led by leftist Labor Mayor Ken Livingstone; Berlin, governed by Social Democratic Mayor Klaus Wowerweit (Berlin has already experienced car bombings); Brussels, led by Socialist Mayor Freddy Thielemans (Brussels has also experienced fire bombings of cars); Vienna, led by Socialist Mayor Michael Haupl; Munich led by Social Democrat Christian Ude; Turin governed by Communist Mayor Sergio Chiamparino; and Barcelona, led by Socialist Mayor Joan Clos. All these cities have significant Asian and African immigrant populations.


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