Sunday, November 20, 2005

WMR: More on U.S. VX nerve gas shipments to Iraq in 1988 and 89.

Former members of a military intelligence team deployed to Iraq at the outset of the Iraq invasion referred to their job as a "janitorial operation for the first President Bush and Carlyle." They were referring to the war profiteering firm, on whose international board George H. W. Bush sits and which was headed by Frank Carlucci, the Defense Secretary (and Princeton roommate of Donald Rumsfeld, who was Reagan's special envoy to Saddam Hussein in 1984) who served as the head of the Pentagon when the shipments to Iraq of VX nerve gas, other weapons of mass destruction, and conventional weapons were first authorized by the Reagan administration in 1988. The military intelligence personnel claimed that at the time, Carlyle was among the largest exporters of such weapons by the United States and that bills of lading and other documents presented to them at the Bilad weapons depot in Iraq point to pass through companies affiliated with Carlyle being involved in the shipments to Iraq. The evidence is contained in digital photographs and videos taken of canisters and documents by the U.S. military team and which are now in the secured possession of the 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion in San Francisco.

The VX weapons were found in retrofitted high explosive single stage, solid welding aerial bombs that had been cut in half by Iraqi engineers and had installed as a second stage a compartment from which parachute-borne VX weapons would be dropped and explode at a pre-set height. The weapons were to be used against Iranian troops. The confirmation of the source of the munitions came from the head of munitions for the Iraqi Air Force. The Iraqi source said the bombs had been kept purposely hidden from the UN weapons inspectors and the retrofitting process was carefully guarded by the Mukhabarat. U.S. military intelligence teams found 29 such bombs at Bilad. The bills of lading provided by the Iraqis showed that the materials were shipped from the United States through trading companies in France and Spain. The word "Carlyle" was recalled from some of the documents, according to a U.S. military intelligence source. The FBI is aware of the evidence of U.S. chemical-biological weapons sales to Iraq but has not taken any action against those involved.

Ed. Note: Carlyle is making some intimidating legal noise about printing a retraction or correction of this item. The only correction in this update is that the previous "Al Qaa Qaa weapons depot" should have read "Bilad weapons depot." Fat chance Carlyle! Discovery is a wonderful legal process!

The Bush 2 administration's main priority at Bilad was to have the incriminating evidence of binary VX nerve gas from the United States removed. A British special operations hazardous material team removed the canisters with U.S. serial numbers. Although the Bush 2 administration highlighted documents presented by the Saddam Hussein government to the United Nations showing the sale of weapons and other embargoed equipment by French, Soviet (and Russian), German, and Yugoslavian firms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war and after, it quickly classified the documents pointing to the sale of U.S. and British weapons (including WMDs) to the Saddam Hussein regime. A military intelligence report on the incident at Bilad, which is just south of Camp Anaconda, was sent to Joint Task Force 7 in Baghdad and has been suppressed.

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The providers of the weapons of mass destruction to Saddam revealed by smoking gun documents found at Bilad weapons depot (left to right): Rumsfeld college roomie, SecDef, and Carlyle head Carlucci; Poppy Bush; and Donald Rumsfeld, special envoy to Saddam

U.S. intelligence sources report that George H. W. Bush, while Vice President under Reagan, lobbied strenuously to get WMDs to Saddam Hussein.

The CIA, according to U.S. military intelligence agents, never considered the U.S.-supplied VX nerve gas to be a WMD after Desert Storm. Their reasoning was that because of its binary nature it had a shelf life and oxidization rendered it harmless after the outbreak of Desert Storm. In reality, the U.S. military sources said the CIA's admission that Iraq possessed harmless VX was a way for it to protect itself and its former deputy director Carlucci while admitting to the fact that the Bush administration had, in fact, supplied the deadly agent to Saddam Hussein. The CIA's main mission in the 1990s was regime change and Saddam's alleged possession of WMDs was merely a causa sina qua non for continued hostilities, overt and covert. A British colonel who was the head of the special operations team that removed the VX weapons from Bilad said his detection kit registered a positive reading.

U.S. military intelligence personnel also report that some of the incriminating evidence of U.S. WMD weapons transfers to Saddam Hussein may be lying at the bottom of Lake Tharthar, an artificial lake that is the site of Saddam's most opulent palace -- the Green Palace.

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The Green Palace and Lake Tharthar: evidence of U.S. collusion in providing WMDs to Iraq lies at its bottom


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