Wednesday, December 21, 2005

9/11 author responds to State Dept. attacks

This site has yet to review the new book 9/11 Revealed, but we did notice that the State Department attacked it almost as soon as it was released. Is the new book a straw man or a real threat to the official story? Maybe this press release from the authors can help us decide.

From Ian Henshall, co-author of 911 Revealed Nov 8, 2005:
"911 Revealed is an explosive book because it takes an even-handed look at all the alternative views of 911 and it doesn't take sides. It cannot be dismissed as "conspiracy theory", this is why it has been well received in the mainstream media in the UK. It is also why it is a best seller in the UK and is selling well in the US where up to now it has been virtually ignored, even by the alternative media.

This is an accessible, popular book with lots of colour illustrations, and at a good price, for ordinary citizens who have jeard rumours and want to find out what the 911 Truth movement is all about, the Micheal Moore market if you like. The book is not aimed at 911 specialists although I am pretty sure there will be something or other new in it for everyone.

The US State Department has seen the danger and has put up a special page on
911 Revealed:
For a full rebuttal of the special web page the US State Department has set up to rubbish us:

Here are some of the points they don't like. We highlight Tenet's highly suspicious statement to the Kean-Zelikow Commission that he "forgot" a top secret late August 2001 day long meeting with Bush (NOT the August 6 meeting), we highlight the role of CIA Berlin boss David Edger, and the absurd assertion that of eight pilots none gave a standard hijack warning.

We get over many divisive arguments by saying that the lack of evidence means little can be ruled out. Our "LIHOP plus deliberate add-ons" structure accommodates most possibilities and makes sense of the forgotton anthrax attacks. We demand they release the evidence and hold a CRIMINAL enquiry.

This works very well in mainstream radio studios, the anthrax angle is agreed in the corporate media as an add-on, on the Pentagon we say why won't they release the evidence, on the paralysis we say it was a certainty at the top level and bring in the WMD lies, on the new enquiry we say Kean-Zelikow was a cover-up - no-one can deny Zelikow was partisan - and so on. The newbie is offered an open road.

Some people will say we are British so it's none of our business, but our soldiers are dying in Iraq as well, Britain has been hijacked by the same gang as the US.

911 Revealed can be a battering ram to get 911 into the corporate media, we are not anti-semitic, we do not jump to conclusions, we just state the facts: as Ian Johnston of Pacifica network radio said on air "it will not blow up in your face".



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