Sunday, December 18, 2005

Clearchannel censors 9/11 truth

Found on 911TruthAction Dec 16, 2005 9:31 PM:
"I currently work in Tampa Bay Florida .. I do radio for the Buccaneers Radio Network...and host a health talk show...rumor has it that Air America hits town soon(Jan !) ...I'll be there!'s a little in-site for you all... I approached the big Clear Channel talker here in town with my talk demo (laced with 9/11 truth) after the interview took place I heard through the grape vine that Gabe Hobbs prez of Clear Channel talk said this about me "He's pretty good... give him a tryout on weekends...but if he mentions 9/11, take him off the Air" ...nuff said. As I posted earlier here are my original 9/11 broadcasts in Sept 04 on Clear Channels WTBT (classic Rock) I've been a jock here in town since 89, I am well respected in the industry and most of my colleges can't wait for a liberal talker to hit the airwaves here in town...Then look out! :)


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