Friday, December 16, 2005

VIDEO: Congressional hearing on levee bombs

  • UPDATE: Thanks to WebFairy for converting this 19-minute highlight video to a Shockwave Flash file for the Real-phobics out there. This is a MUST-SEE!


    The U.S. House's Select Committee on Hurricane Katrina had some very interesting sessions on Tuesday. Over two sessions and more than four hours, evacuees and community leaders from New Orleans testified in hearings designed to highlight racial issues raised by the storm.

    Amazingly, nearly half an hour of this time was spent discussing whether or not the levees and floodwalls surrounding New Orleans were sabotaged. Many witnesses before the committee said they heard the levees being bombed and had several interviews taped with other witnesses.

    Later witnesses raised the historical context of levees being sabotaged before. And most stunningly, Henry Alford, the President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce challenged the federal government to allow the National Association of Black Engineers to access the evidence to conduct an independent, privately-financed investigation.

    There was a lot of other important testimony regarding the concentration-camp-like conditions evacuees were forced into and the grossly underestimated body count. For the time being, C-SPAN has archived both sessions in full, here are the links to

  • PART ONE and

    For about 18 minutes of highlights from the discussions involving sabotage of the levees, check out this VIDEO.

    This is a very important development, but it is important that the focus in the levee sabotage not be exclusively racial. The 17th St. Canal breach which flooded the entire city is just as suspicious as the breach on the Industrial Canal. New Orleanians of all races were victims of levee sabotage.

  • SEE ALSO: VIDEO of earwitness to levee sabotage on ABC News


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