Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Big Brother Britain has world's biggest DNA database

More people in Britain have had their DNA stored by the police than in any other country in the world, it has emerged.

By 2008, the state will have access to the genetic data of 4.25million - or one citizen in 14.

Hundreds of thousands of those on the database - which already contains three million names - will never have been charged with a crime.

Last year, 113,000 people arrested but not charged with a crime were added to the database. The total is 140,000.

Of the three million currently logged on the database a further 200,000 were charged but not prosecuted, or were cleared by the courts.

Police can use the giant computer system to check DNA against any hair, blood, sweat or other sample left at a crime scene.

It could also be used to trap a family member who has committed a crime, if it is strikingly similar - but not identical - to that left at an unsolved crime scene.


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