Thursday, January 12, 2006

Complete Transcript of Audio Message from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, “Allah Will Suffice You as Against Them”

Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued an audio message titled: “Allah Will Suffice You as Against Them,” from the group’s Emir, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, on Sunday, January 8, 2006. The SITE Institute, that day, provided a partial translation of the speech, in which Zarqawi calls upon the Sunni Muslim people in Iraq to support the mujahideen’s activities, in addition to criticizing the Arab League and the Islamic Party of Iraq for their support of the Iraqi elections. Also, Zarqawi states that the launching of missiles into Israel from southern Lebanon, by al-Qaeda in Iraq mujahideen on December 27, 2005, was by the “guidance of Sheikh of the Mujahideen, Usama bin Laden.”

The speech contains a plethora of historical references to Western strikes against Islam in Egypt and Iraq, whereas Zarqawi avers they failed because of the strength of jihad and faith of the mujahideen. To this end, he alleges that Louis IX, King of France, “said in his notes after his army was defeated in Egypt during the Second Crusade that there is no way to conquer the Muslims by war and force because the factor jihad for the sake of Allah.”

Zarqawi discusses the doctrinal hypocrisy, natural and moral, and hypocrisy in methodology within Islam, as the cipher by which the enemies of Islam seek to disrupt Shari’a and oppress Muslims. In term of Iraq, Zarqawi claims that the “Crusaders… desire to give power to the Jews, and beg to extend the life they have through their control over the richest countries in the world.” He claims crushing blows to this enemy by the hands of the mujahideen and states that the number of casualties released by the American media is far less than the actual number. Further, Zarqawi condemns the Arab League for supporting the “political project” in Iraq, and the Islamic Party of American for its support to America. To capture a “small thing in this life,” political power, Zarqawi believes those of this party, and the tribal sheikhs who support them, have sought to extinguish jihad. Zarqawi also calls upon Sunni Muslims to not be “satisfied by ignorance,” and incites with a message saying: it is not humiliation if someone gets killed or arrested, but humiliation is to live unable to implement Allah’s Shari’a, as this humiliation is to see the Jews are walking and having fun between the Muslims.”

He concludes by stating: “Let America and its adopted nation of the Zionists know that the purifying of the path of Muhammad from Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque is one of the basic beliefs in Islam. And behind the Muslims in Palestine, a nation that does not sleep on its calamity, its people wage jihad for the sake of Allah. They took it on themselves that they will not rest if there is one Jew on the ground of the blessed land.”


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