Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Holocaust Denier Given 15 Months In Czech Prison

Prague (dpa) - A man who attended a Prague rally in support of a Holocaust-denying writer was sentenced Monday to 15 months in prison, the CTK news agency reported.
Antonin Cermak, 21, was convicted of denying the Holocaust by shouting "only" when a counter-demonstrator at the October protest shouted, "You killed 1.7 million Jewish children," the report said.
Cermak was among 70 people who rallied outside the German embassy in Prague on a Czech state holiday.
The rally, organized by Czech neo-Nazis, was closely watched and videotaped by police. The rally was called to show support for book writer Ernst Zuendel, who is currently on trial in Mannheim, Germany, for allegedly denying the Holocaust in his book, "The Hitler We Loved and Why". The book is popular among neo-Nazis.


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