Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kurt Nimmo Is Back !

Considering how valuable this blog is to so many readers—a fact I discovered when I took it offline—I have decided to begin reposting. I now realize my decision to take it offline was the wrong thing to do. Honestly, I never thought this blog was very important, simply the opinion of one man, but the avalanche of email has demonstrated otherwise. I have received well over a thousand emails urging me to reconsider. Finally, it was Jack Blood, on his radio program, who nudged me toward the decision to continue, regardless of the unscrupulous and unethical behavior of those who hate the idea that there is freedom of expression in this country. As noted in an email sent out earlier this week, I am concerned about the welfare of my wife. However, she believes I should continue and that is what I have decided to do.


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