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New Stasi style UK Anti-Terror campaign encourages reporting your neighbours

Plus anything suspicious, including refunds to credit cards, using garages or renting vehicles

Steve Watson | January 4 2006

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The latest anti-terror advertising campaign by the London Metropolitan Police encourages the residents of London to actively spy on and report anybody, including their own neighbours, should they suspect them to be behaving in a suspicious way.

Read the official police press release here.

Scotland Yard has urged the public to remain vigilant with the campaign also playing heavily upon the risk of further terrorist attacks. The campaign posters will be displayed on bus shelters, beside roads and at train stations across London for four weeks. Advertisements will also appear in newspapers and on radio.

DAC Peter Clarke, head of the Met’s Anti-Terrorist Branch said, “Everyone who lives in London, or visits the city for work or pleasure, has a role to play in making it as difficult as we can for terrorists to operate here. We can all help by being vigilant and aware of what is happening around us. If it seems suspicious to you, please make that call.

”This publicity campaign is not a response to any specific threat, but I would urge the public to continue to remain alert. We cannot afford to be complacent.”

Five different posters have been designed to drill it into the minds of all Londoners that anyone they know could be a terrorist and they should report anything they don't like the look of to the authorities.

In addition to the "Terrorists need places to live" poster, there is one that informs us that "terrorists could use the river", another that suggests refunds to credit cards are terroristic, another that makes the point that "terrorists need vehicles", and finally a poster that suggests using a garage or lock up may be the behaviour of a terrorist.

Click on the pictures for full size enlargements.

So essentially the Met, in conjunction with British Transport Police, City of London Police, Transport for London and the Mayor's Office are informing us that you're likely to be a terrorist suspect if you sometimes get refunds, if you go on the river, if you live in a house and if you rent or buy a vehicle and keep it in a garage.

Good Lord, they're all around me! Get me the phone quick I need to report EVERYBODY I' VE EVER KNOWN.

The adverts are total fear based mind control and work on a number of different levels.

Firstly, they suggest that more terror attacks are going to happen unless YOU personally submit and help the authorities by suspecting and reporting anyone - "YOU ARE THAT SOMEONE".

Secondly, they blur the lines between the act of terrorism and everyday life, forcing the issue into people's faces, even though the threat is almost wholly manufactured and has been hyped to a frenzy in order to secure more power and control and counter resistance towards whatever the government chooses to do.

Remember there has been only one minor event in the UK since 9/11 and as we have relentlessly exposed, the government and the intelligence agencies had their mucky prints all over it.

Thirdly, the propaganda will only help to further encourage and create terrorism by making it seem like terrorism is easy.

In this sense the divide between crime and terrorism is lost. Criminals become terrorists and terrorists become criminals, with misdemeanors such as credit card fraud suddenly becoming synonymous with terrorism. This makes it simpler for the authorities to push the case for more police powers, more draconian legislature, more eavesdropping on citizens and less freedom.

The radio advert is just as sickening, as it tells you who you are and how good your life in London is and subtly reminds you that unless you cooperate you could get blown up and then you'd have no good life, no future and you won't be smiling and you won't be holding doors open for people any more because you'll be utterly DEAD because of terrorism.

Click here to download and listen to the radio propaganda.

It encourages the listener to make a call to the police based on "just the way a person is behaving" if that is deemed to be suspicious.

This campaign would be more fitting in Stalinist Russia than London, yet it is not the first of it's kind.

Even before the London bombings, we were subjected to the same kind of propaganda. Almost two years ago I wrote a report almost identical to this one. The only difference now is that things have got more extreme.

The "Life Savers" campaign featured a number of different posters, one for each different race, that encouraged us to report any suspicious activity. It also rather ominously directed our attention to the London Underground and unattended bags.

Back then my comments were "How can all this be to protect freedom and ensure our liberty? Some are awakening, but still no one dares to suggest that fermenting on our doorstep is a Police State that is worse than Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. We have to speak out now before it's too late, because it can happen and it is happening here."

Now I would add that the police state is no longer fermenting, it has fully matured and we are inside the initial stages of it.

Then of course before that campaign we were treated to the "Watchful Eyes" campaign with all seeing eyes in the sky above an iconic London bus. We were told that Big Brother was watching and keeping us all safe. How ironic or coincidental that the iconic red bus would shortly down the line once more appear, this time blown to smithereens, despite the helpful and loving watchful eyes.

Once again the fear is being hyped in London. What are they gearing up for next? After the London bombings we saw a shoot to kill policy, we saw armed police everywhere, "free speech zones" were imposed and terror laws were amended and powers increased, even though the press reported on the proposals as having been "defeated".

Why should you listen to me though? I live in a house, I own a car and sometimes I like to walk by the river. In fact you should probably report me to the Stasi.

POLITELY and INTELLIGENTLY voice your complaint with the Metropolitan Police here


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