Monday, January 09, 2006

Sen. Cleland says Katrina-corpse cover-up

Could the assassinated corpses in the floodwaters been witnesses to levee sabotage?

From Real Time with Bill Maher October 14 2005:

"FORMER U.S. SENATOR MAX CLELAND: Yeah. [laughter] Hazardous duty. But I think New Orleans has a real challenge on its hands, not just in recovering from the disaster, the natural disaster, but what has happened to the police department there and what has happened in the wake of lawlessness breaking out after the hurricane came through. I understand that about half of the New Orleans Police Department evaporated as the hurricane came through; that about 25% of that police department went on a rampage and looting.

And then, of course, in the Charity Hospital there, the trauma center a few days after the hurricane went through, a number of bodies wound up there, assassinated with bullets in the back of their head. Those corpses are over in a warehouse now, and nobody's really seen them but the pathologist who told a friend of mine, who told me.

So we have a massive cover-up here, I think, that has to be investigated independently. That's why the Attorney General of Louisiana has now called for what I think is needed, and that is an independent investigation of exactly what – of exactly what's needed.

MAHER: [overlapping] So this guy on the [police brutality] tape got – this guy on the tape got off easy, is what you're saying. [laughter]

CLELAND: In a strange, perverse way, yeah. Because a lot more has gone on than what you saw here on the tape.


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