Tuesday, January 10, 2006


JANUARY 8, 2006. Now that the World Health Organization has placed its seal of bird flu on the recent deaths of several children in Turkey, it's time to look at the real strategy here.

Of course, the culling (killing) of large numbers of chickens in Asia and Turkey and other places has impacted poultry farms. Economic terrorism. Businesses going out of business.

Europe is now "hovering under the threat of human bird flu," because Turkey is a lot closer than China.

Because it's so easy to use tests for bird flu that don't mean anything (see my recent articles on this), case numbers among humans can be literally invented out of thin air.
The implication? Airports and air travel can be shut down. I'm waiting for that one.

A few declared cases of human bird flu in the US (based on nothing) can allow the White House to limit air travel into the US. Mandatory programs of drugs and vaccines can be justified.

States of emergency can be declared.

This seems to be the plan. But the drip method of declaring cases, spreading hysteria, bit by bit, from region to region, means that we may not see something drastic all at once. We would instead watch a gradual build-up, over time, based on a series of small invented crises.

The so-called human cases of bird flu in Turkey is one such step. You know, "Europe threatened."

It's all part of the plan to turn the world into a virtual hospital. Medicalizing, to the hilt, the human drama. Conditioning people to accept the idea that we are living on a planet where epidemics are a constant feature of the landscape. Making medical pronouncements take on the character of instant law.


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