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Why Is AOL Demonizing The Internet?

Why is AOL demonizing their main source of revenue?!

In a sickening advertising campaign, AOL is telling viewers of a media ad that "The internet is one of the most dangerous weapons ever created. A way for the unhinged to spread evil, free of supervision or censorship."

Why believe me, when you can SEE for yourself?!

Please click on the link immediately below:

AOL - Is the Internet a good or a bad thing?

In the upper right-hand portion of the page listed above, one can view two media advertisements --- one that supports the Internet as a GOOD THING --- and one that chides the viewer for supporting terrorism, the Ku Klux Klan, and Osama Bin Laden (who is dead, by the way). This has to be seen to be believed!!

This begs the question --- why would a company that makes BILLIONS of dollars off the Internet --- demonize their main source of revenue?

Well, as I always say, I am NOT afriad to write about controversial issues, and THIS ONE certainly is one of those. There is a backroom plan to use the Internet in the carrying out of a future false-flag terror event. This will provide the necessary pretext to bring about INTERNET 2 --- a sanitized version of the Internet, where there would be NO DISSENT, NO CONTROVERSY, and NO PATRIOT TRUTH-TELLING. These matters were discussed at this years' BILDERBERG GROUP meeting, where members of the global elite were seen by inside-sources to be engaged in shouting matches about how BAD the Internet is for their devious plans.

CISCO, SUN, LUCENT, and other globalist concerns have been quitely saying that they cannot continue to support the rapid expansion of the Internet, and they plan on bringing about the collapse ON PURPOSE.

This is to provide the PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION answer:

Internet 2


Internet 2 is being touted as a performance upgrade in the fancy press release version of reality. However, what these companies WILL NOT tell us, is that Internet 2 will fall under heavy censorship from governmental bodies the world over. All users will be required to have a special security clearance that allows them to use the new system.

WHY would they want to do this?

It's easy to answer this, quite frankly. Throughout the entire world, a great thing is happening. Globalist mass media concerns are seeing their ratings, subscribership, and interest fall through the floor. Newspapers have been caught misstating their subscriber numbers. TV stations have been caught mistating the ratings of their newscasts, so they can attract higher advertising rates.

In fact, in my hometown of Buffalo, New York USA, a very telling thing is happening with the BUFFALO NEWS, a newspaper that is owned by globalist pig Warren Buffett. The newspaper has hired and put together a boiler room telemarketing call center. They are calling their current subscribers to BEG for more subscriptions. It had finally gotten to the point a couple of weeks ago, where I sent a letter to the circulation department, informing them that if they do not immediately CEASE AND DESIST from calling my home three or four times per week, that I will file a formal complaint with the New York State Attorney General's office.

It is NOT MY PROBLEM if this newspaper publishes nothing that interests me. And I sure as hell aren't going to listen to their begging week in and week out. Another tactic that has been adopted by the BUFFALO NEWS is the delivery of FREE NEWSPAPERS on all major holidays. THIS is how desperate these people are getting. Before my wife and I cancelled the paper altogether, we were told by our delivery woman that she was REQUIRED to pass out these FREE NEWSPAPERS. When I asked her to stop and she wouldn't/couldn't, I was forced to cancel the whole thing.

And get this --- all my wife wanted it for was for the grocery coupons from the Sunday paper!

I kept telling these morons that I get my news from the Internet, and one of the callers actually confided in me:

"That's what everyone is saying, that they get their news from the Internet."

However, I am inclined to think that this AOL survey page is a fishing expedition, designed to gauge public opinion. As I write these words, 80% say yes, the Internet is GOOD, while 20% say it is BAD. To a marketing rep, this is very telling information. It reveals that the globalists have at best, 20% support for their Internet censorship plans.

The public is simply NOT buying any longer, their fear-mongering and divide and rule tactics.

Say NO! to Internet 2!

Here is the message I posted to the AOL discussion board (I doubt very much that it will be posted, but I'm exercising the freedom of speech that they themselves claim I have):

My question is this: Why is AOL, a company that profits off the Internet, actively demonizing the main source of their revenue stream? The transcript of the ad claims that the "The internet is one of the most dangerous weapons ever created. A way for the unhinged to spread evil, free of supervision or censorship."

This is outright fear-mongering, and is outrageous to say the very least.

AOL, the true-patriots out here on the Internet have your number, and we are NOT going to stand idle while your company, whose very logo is the All-Seeing-Eye, creates fear and a panic out of nothing.

There is NO EVIDENCE that supports the silly idea of terrorist use of the Internet, and it is the height of irresponsibility to promote fear when there is absolutely nothing to back up your claims.

I find it quite illuminating that AOL, a company that makes BILLIONS of dollars off the Internet, is now actively demonizing their main source of revenue. You see, there is a movement that is quietly going on behind the scenes, where the Internet as we now know it will be SHUT DOWN, and actively replaced with INTERNET 2, a government controlled and censored gated-community, where the user will have to have a government security clearance to use Internet 2.

Do some research, people. And, as has been said already, WAKE UP! Wake up before it is too late!

Never heard of Internet 2? Well, there are 2,230,000 websites that mention it, according to Google.


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