Saturday, April 22, 2006

Important screening in NY

New 9/11 Doc will premiere at Robt. DeNiro's Film Festival in NYC. 5/8

Please pass this info on to people who live in the area.

Subj: New 9/11 Documentary to Premiere at Tribeca Screening Room on May 8th
Date: 04/21/2006 5:48:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Kyle F. Hence)

Please spread the word far and wide to your most valued and active
contacts. Support this new film from John Albanese to premiere on May
8th at the prestigious Tribeca Screening Room founded by Robert DeNiro.
I saw some of John's work on a film on another related subject and it
was sobering indeed and well done. Thank you.

Kyle F. Hence
9/11 CitizenWatch


Crisis in America

9/11 Truth and The Tribeca Film Festival
A Call for Unity in the 9/11 Truth Community

By: John J. Albanese --

Stand with me. Today’s editorial is a shameless plea for unity and
support. Time is short. Today’s headlines relentlessly warn us of a
pending nuclear crisis, and the deafening drumbeats of war, and the
inevitable clash of civilizations that threatens to devour us whole.
Never mind that the rhetoric swirling around the Iran crisis mimics the
rhetoric that swirled around the debacle in Iraq. Never mind that the
facts are being skewed once again. American foreign policy appears to be
executing a full-court press to conflict and oblivion.

And at the bottom of this rubble-heap of American foreign policy lies
the all but forgotten truth and hidden history behind the worst
terrorist attacks in American history.

“We will never forget,” we all vowed after 9/11. And we meant it. But
sadly, 4 1?2 years after the fact, 9/11 has already become
commercialized, dramatized and fictionalized by such Hollywood
confections as Universal Studio’s “United 93” and Oliver Stone’s “World
Trade Center.” And while we can debate endlessly the degree of
historical accuracy of these films, Hollywood has, for all intents and
purposes, turned the tragedy of 9/11 into entertainment for the masses,
and has tread upon our sacred vows.

But there are those among us who know that something is seriously wrong.
From the start, there are those among us who were not satisfied to
simply put their trust in the ‘official story.’ There are those among us
who now feel vindicated in this position because we have seen the lies
and distortions and omissions. And there are those among us now who are
prepared to FIGHT to preserve our right to continue to ask the relevant

We must never acquiesce to the perceived social stigma that comes with
asking questions. The victims of this crime demand it. We must never
allow the simple act of demanding accountability to be equated with
“conspiracy theory.” We must be relentless in demanding answers, without
falling into the snake pit of competing factions of 9/11 Truth
activists. Whether you believe 9/11 was in inside job, or was simply
allowed to happen (on purpose), or you believe the WTC was demolished
with explosives, or the Pentagon was not struck by a commercial jet, or
even if you simply believe that the 9/11 Commission Report is glaringly
inaccurate and incomplete – UNITE NOW! Put down your theories and UNITE!

And so, it is towards this end that I humbly request your support. As
the Tribeca Film Festival gears up next week in the virtual shadow of
the missing WTC complex, one sole independent film will attempt to
present the heavily censored facts and unanswered questions of 9/11.
Premiering at the prestigious Tribeca Screening Room, founded by Robert
DeNiro, Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime will at long last bring the
9/11 Truth movement into the spotlight, and provide an important
milestone in the public’s ever-evolving understanding of the events of
that infamous day.

This film is not being screened solely for the benefit of those in
attendance. This event transcends the very film itself in that it simply
EXISTS. It is a statement of defiance, and anger, and challenges the
mainstream media to pay attention to the growing number of Americans who
are now demanding that these issues be allowed to see the light of day.

I ask you all to join me in supporting this project. I ask all of you
with websites and user groups and email lists and regional Meetups to
brazenly utilize every resource available to you to help promote and
sponsor and petition the public to recognize this event. It is time to
declare victory, simply because this film exists, and demonstrates that
this issue will not be silenced. Please join me in declaring the premier
of this film at the prestigious Tribeca Screening Room as the most
important film premier of 2006.

Towards this end, little blurbs about a 'film' showing in NYC is just
not going to cut it. We must either choose to fight the 9/11 Truth fight
to win - or choose to continue to just nibble away at the edges,
perpetually marginalized and minimized and showing our secret films in
secret church basements at localized events, without ever achieving the
breakout media event that could forever alter the public's perceptions.

I believe the Tribeca Film Festival offers us that opportunity.

The media is primed for a breakthrough on this issue. We are now seeing
the beginnings of celebrity endorsements, as Charlie Sheen and Ed Asner
have lent their voices to the call. The public is also ready. The polls
do not lie. We have a date with destiny. Just imagine the reverberations
of headlines such as these:

“Tribeca Film Festival Rocked by Independent 9/11 Film”

“Controversy and Passions Rise at Tribeca Film Festival”

“New York Responds to Hollywood”

“The Hidden History of 9/11 Premiers in Tribeca”

“Independent Film on 9/11 Eclipses United 93”

The odds have always been stacked against us. We need to make our own
luck. United 93 has the backing of millions of dollars, represented by
professional PR firms and advertising agencies and powerful corporate

What do we have?

We have heavily censored facts, lingering unanswered questions and
ultimately we have ourselves. I’m betting on us. Our questions are much
more powerful than any fiction Hollywood could ever hope to dream up.
And our numbers are swelling like the rising tide.

Please join me in declaring victory at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

For more information on this film, please visit:


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